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Tuscan by birth, Roman by adoption, Berlin based, a bachelor in linguistic communication at University of Florence. I have been editing video since ever and I began my professional activity in 2010, after two years of editing school at Cinecittà in Rome. Since then, I have been working with several international crews on many kinds of projects, such as national TV programs, music videos, documentaries and a fair number of award-winning short movies.

Main titles are: “Il corridoio del grande albergo” (2010), “L’imputato” (2010), “Il Primo giorno” (2011), “The last seed” (2011), “Per il tuo bene” (2012), “Il prigioniero” (2013), “L’ora del buio” (2017), “Look Baba I’m happy” (2018), the pilot episod of “Flatmates” (2019) and the short-documentaries “Exlibris” (2021), “La via del vento” and “Back to the basement” (2022).

In 2020 I edited the feature film “Space Beyond”, an Italian-German production, finalist at the 75th edition of Nastri d'Argento (Silver Ribbon) of documentaries. I make trailers for Netflix.  

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