ALYSHA "David Attenborough"


Directed by Leonardo Corredor and Giovanna Gorassini

David Attenborough: Music and Lyrics by Alysha

Produced by: AKA Block

Copyright 2019 Spica Recordings (UK)/MKE Records

Sante Visioni - Molon Labe


"Molon Labe" has been the first personal exhibition of the talented Sante Visioni, which took place at Marineterrein in Amsterdam. With this video I tried to describe the amazing atmosphere that we enjoied during the event.

Audemars Piguet


A promo about the famous luxury brand Audemars Piguet's activity: golf, art, exhibition and luxury events.

Sante Visioni x Pitti 2018


Pitti Immagine, Millefili @ Palazzo Borghese, Florence


Sante Visioni is an italian visual artist based in Amsterdam.

Winter Time - Hypertravel in Prato


Camera Operator: Lorenzo Petracchi, Francesco Carradori
Post Production: Lorenzo Petracchi
Thanks to: Margherita Martinelli, Giulia Santangelo, Teatro Metastasio, Ozne Pub

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